Apostolate of Catechism

The Apostolate of Catechism is dedicated to the vital mission of spreading and nurturing the Catholic faith through catechesis. Catechesis is the systematic instruction and formation in the teachings of the Catholic Church, designed to help individuals of all ages deepen their understanding of the faith and grow closer to God.

At the heart of our Apostolate is the belief that catechesis is not simply the imparting of information, but a transformative encounter with the living Christ. Through prayer, study, and reflection, we strive to inspire and empower individuals to live out their faith authentically in their daily lives.

Rev. Fr. Jobin Thomasl


  1. Jeny Chacko, Elmont
  2. Jon Thomas, Calgary
  3. Bobby Abraham, Chicago
  4. Roy Chacko, Dallas
  5. Sara Minu Thomas, Detroit
  6. Deepak Issac, Edmonton
  7. James Mathew, Houston
  8. Sunny Thomas, New Jersey
  9. John Edathil, Philadelphia
  10. Bless John, Rockland
  11. Clara Mathew, San Jose
  12. Joseph George, South Florida
  13. Tresa Daniel, Washington D.C.
  14. Jincy Binoy, Toronto
  15. Joseph Jacob, Yonkers