Youth Apostolate - Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM)

The Malankara Catholic Youth Movement of North America's (MCYM) primary goal is to foster the growth of Catholic spiritualism, faith, and values among our members. We are dedicated to deepening the understanding of the Malankara Catholic Church in all its aspects. Our vibrant community also emphasizes fellowship, encouraging members to connect and build strong bonds. Through various activities and events, we aim to nurture leadership skills and talents, empowering our youth to become confident leaders of tomorrow.

Rev. Fr. Jerry Mathew

Ms. Tessy Philip

Mr. Joshua Biju & Ms. Gemini Plamoottil

Mr. Joel Abraham

Joint Secretary:
Ms. Leah Chacko

Mrs. Nisha Mathews

Joint Treasurer:
Mr. Jithin Thomas

Public Relations Officers/Website Coordinators:
Ms. Teresa Simon & Ms. Raveena Varghese

West Coast Representative:
Mr. Kaison Neduvakkattu

Western Canada Representatives:
Ms. Rincy Varghese & Mr. Abil Teny

Sr. Jocelyn S.I.C. & Mr. John Ettikkalayil Jr.