Sir 51:1-10

1I give you thanks, LORD and King,*

I praise you, God my savior!

I declare your name, refuge of my life,a

2because you have ransomed my life from death;

You held back my body from the pit,

and delivered my foot from the power of Sheol.b

You have preserved me from the scourge of the slanderous tongue,

and from the lips of those who went over to falsehood.

You were with me against those who rise up against me;

3You have rescued me according to your abundant mercyc

From the snare of those who look for my downfall,

and from the power of those who seek my life.

From many dangers you have saved me,

4from flames that beset me on every side,d

From the midst of fire till there was not a whiff of it,*

5from the deep belly of Sheol,

From deceiving lips and painters of lies,

6from the arrows of a treacherous tongue.

I was at the point of death,

my life was nearing the depths of Sheol;e

7I turned every way, but there was no one to help;

I looked for support but there was none.f

8Then I remembered the mercies of the LORD,

his acts of kindness through ages past;

For he saves those who take refuge in him,

and rescues them from every evil.

9So I raised my voice from the grave;

from the gates of Sheol I cried for help.

10I called out: LORD, you are my Father,

my champion, my savior!

Do not abandon me in time of trouble,

in the midst of storms and dangers.g