Jer 51:1-9

1Thus says the LORD:

See! I rouse against Babylon,

and the inhabitants of Chaldea,

a destroyer wind.*

2To Babylon I will send winnowers

to winnow and lay waste the land;

They shall besiege it on every side

on the day of affliction.a

3How can the archers draw back their bows,

lift their armor?

Do not spare her young men,

put the entire army under the ban.b

4The slain shall fall in the land of Chaldea,

the wounded, in its streets;c

5For Israel and Judah are not left widowed

by their God, the LORD of hosts,

Even though the land is full of guilt

against the Holy One of Israel.

6Flee from Babylon;

each of you save your own life,

do not perish because of her guilt;

This is a time of retribution from the LORD,

7who pays out her due.d

Babylon was a golden cup in the hand of the LORD

making the whole earth drunk;

The nations drank its wine,

thus they have gone mad.e

8Babylon suddenly falls and is broken:

wail over her!

Bring balm for her wounds,

in case she can be healed.f

9“We have tried to heal Babylon,

but she cannot be healed.

Leave her, each of us must go to our own land.”

The judgment against her reaches the heavens,

it touches the clouds.g