About the Marriage Preparation Course

The Church teaches that:

"Preparation for marriage, for married and family life, is of great importance for the good of the Church. In fact, the sacrament of Marriage has great value for the whole Christian community and, in the first place, for the spouses whose decision is such that it cannot be improvised or made hastily."

"They are therefore invited to understand the meaning of the responsible and mature love of the community of life and love which their family will be, a real domestic church which will contribute toward enriching the whole Church."

"What the Church does for the family and marriage certainly contributes to the good of society as such and to the good of all."

Excerpts from The Pontifical Council for the Family on Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage

With this exhortation in mind, the Malankara Marriage Preparation Course prepares candidates for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony through the instruction of the essentials of married and family life. Participating this in this course is obligatory for marriage in the Church. Upon course completion, students receive a certificate of participation, which is valid for five years.